conflict management and mediation

As a Manager or HR professional, you may be dealing with a conflict between employees that is becoming difficult to manage or resolve.

AccessEAP offers a Conflict Management process that helps the parties come together to design and implement workable, practical and sustainable solutions.

Conflict Management initiatives are not suitable when there are issues around poor performance, bullying or serious misconduct, and these need to be investigated by the organisation prior to any conflict management intervention.

The process commences with our standard intake procedure or Manager Support call and then progresses to an in depth assessment phase undertaken by a Mediator, who works with the Referring Manager/HR to identify the parties involved, set up times for 1:1 assessments and to come to an agreement on the best way forward. Once an agreement has been reached, those interventions that have been identified will be put into place.

Some of the options include:

• Mediation   • Group Conflict Facilitation   • Coaching   • Training   • EAP Counselling

As a Manager or HR representative, you may call AccessEAP on 1800 818 728 to request a Manager Support call and you will be put through, in the first instance, to a Duty Counsellor who will discuss your needs and send through relevant documents.

The Duty Counsellor will then link you to a Conflict Advisor for a more in depth discussion and assessment.


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