Manager Support

AccessEAP recognises the need to support managers engaging with staff who are facing mental health challenges. Issues can often arise very quickly, which is why we provide support for managers when they need it. Please log in to our Employers area for more information or contact us on 1800 818 728.

Manager Support Hotline

The hotline provides assistance with issues as they arise and facilitates ongoing coaching to build long-term skills. Managers and team leaders are able to consult with AccessEAP Senior Clinical Professionals via phone or in face-to-face sessions. While decision making ultimately stays with the manager, the hotline allows managers to cooperatively formulate strategies and talk through how best to deal with difficult situations, to ensure the best preparation and outcome.

The Manager Support Hotline assists managers with a range of issues:

  • How to encourage an employee to use the EAP
  • How to have helpful conversations with staff having difficulties
  • Support in how to effectively communicate in the workplace
  • Assistance in handling team issues around diversity
  • Managing a challenging employee or an employee who is behaving unusually
  • Dealing with employee performance management issues (the emotional component)
  • Guidance in handling serious or emergency workplace issues.

Manager Referral

A manager can formally refer an employee to AccessEAP for counselling to address behaviours which are impacting on an employee’s productivity at work, for example, absenteeism, aggression, difficulty prioritising, and interpersonal style.The manager and employee agree on goals for counselling, which are then worked on in sessions. Examples of goals for a manager referral are developing time management skills, interpersonal skills, or communication skills. The manager referral is a transparent process in which the employee consents to the manager receiving feedback on progress with counselling goals.

AccessEAP Ambassador Support

There are some situations which pose unique and different challenges in the workplace. When try as we might to reference the resources and tools we have we still feel the need for extra assistance. With the organisation’s approval we can offer a Manager Support Hotline style support to Ambassador’s. This service is intended to be used in particularly difficult situations when on the spot telephone support is required. Our Clinical Professionals provide expert advice and support to Ambassadors, giving them the confidence and skills they need.