career transition

It is an unfortunate reality of business that despite the best efforts of an organisation, redundancies must be made to maintain operations and strategic direction.

AccessEAP recognises that it is often a difficult decision for organisations to make as their people are valued and respected. Our Career Transition and Redundancy Support services help your people deal with this change, position them to thrive in the future and offer practical support so that they feel more confident to enter the job market.

This service supports organisations through the process to ensure that current employees and those being made redundant transition successfully into the new work environments or situation. By blending a psychological and a practical approach, we focus on both the emotional aspect of redundancy and pragmatic support tools to move forward.

AccessEAP can provide specific support to those facing potential job loss as a result of organisation restructure, whether they are applying for a job externally or reapplying for new positions in their organisation. These programs are suitable for all types of organisational change, as well as for impacted employees at all levels of the organisation. Programs can be specifically tailored to the unique needs of your organisation and employees.

Many of our customers offer these services as a way of acknowledging the contribution made by those whose jobs are affected. Your people will appreciate that the best efforts are being made despite difficult circumstances contributing to stability for the remaining workforce.

AccessEAP also partner with Trevor-Roberts, a leading career specialist consultancy. Career transition includes assistance with matching job preferences and transferrable skills to the labour market, in addition to assistance with resume writing and interviewing skills.


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