Remuneration & Benefits Manager | Winc Australia Pty Limited

I could wax lyrical about the efficiency of AccessEAP’s administration, the timely reports, and on-going support they offer our associates and our HR team, but I believe that the best testimonial is how they respond when we have urgent need of support for our associates.

We honestly cannot speak highly enough of the assistance we received from AccessEAP on two separate occasions, recently when we tragically and unexpectedly have had associates pass away. On both occasions AccessEAP were contacted by our local HR support and arranged to have grief flyers sent to the sites and a counsellor on site, usually within an hour of being called. In such a tragic situation, knowing we were able to support our associates at that immediate and crucial time was invaluable.

General Manager | People, Learning & Culture | Cerebral Palsy Alliance

We engaged AccessEAP on the basis that not only could employees’ self-referral, but that their family members could do so too. It has been a very successful program and one which is very much part of our overall recruitment and retention strategy. Over the seven years that we have engaged AccessEAP, they have regularly made Cerebral Palsy Alliance look good! We have received many positive (and unprompted) comments from employees who have happily shared with the HR team how wonderful and timely they found service and what a great employer we are to offer it for free to them and their families.

From a cost / benefit perspective it is unquestionable that the EAP continues to pay for itself many times over each year. A reduction in lost time and poor productivity that comes about because of ongoing personal and/or workplace problems and issues has been consistently achieved because employees have access to professional assistance. AccessEAP has become a vital and strategic partner in the successful management of Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s human capital and I would recommend them to any organisation that is serious about effectively managing their most important resource – their employees.

Chief Executive Officer | HTN

With over 400 young people employed by HTN across NSW and the ACT it was crucial to have an effective Employee Assistance Program. AccessEAP have supported HTN’s employees through the provision of a responsive, professional and effective counselling & support service. We have also engaged AccessEAP on a number of occasions to facilitate their “Workplace Wellbeing Essentials” workshops for our team and they were excellent. I have, and will, continue to highly recommend AccessEAP.

Special Projects | Link-Up (NSW) Aboriginal Corporation

We have found the EAP services to be incredibly flexible from engaging an on-site counsellor at short notice, to continued support of our staff members and really helpful updates regarding ‘hot’ issues that may be effecting the workplace. Mental health is so important and the support mechanisms we have in place with AccessEAP offer security in knowing our staff are well cared for.

Senior Human Resources Officer | Hornsby Shire Council

AccessEAP recently delivered a number of training courses to our managers and staff on mental health issues and building resilience. This program proved to be very popular and well received with our staff, and we received very positive feedback regarding the content, the trainers and the usefulness of the program. I would be pleased to use AccessEAP to offer similar training to our staff in future.

Injury and Workers Compensation Manager | Mirvac

After implementation, AccessEAP were able to provide us with a revitalised program that has become respected by our employees nationwide. We have appreciated the quality service AccessEAP has been able to provide our employees ranging from telephone and on or offsite counselling, support for our HR team, managers and employees, EAP awareness sessions and they have recently assisted us in launching our Equal Opportunity Support Hotline to provide another avenue for our employees to gain support and guidance from professionals on Equal Opportunity issues.

AccessEAP has been invaluable in assisting us support our employees in particular their ability to respond to emergency situations has been outstanding and their ability to work with us to develop a specialised program to meet our needs such as mental health and wellbeing. Our communication with the consultants and counsellors from AccessEAP has been professional and has attributed to the success of our EAP. Overall, our relationship with AccessEAP has been rewarding and beneficial to our employees.

Chief Human Resources Officer | Metcash

AccessEAP has partnered with Metcash to provide support for nine years showing great flexibility in approach as we have diversified and expanded the portfolio of businesses across the country.

The Management team have always operated with tact and discretion and the Support Staff sincere care, to ensure our team members are given appropriate and timely assistance to manage both workplace and personal stressors.

AccessEAP has been quick to respond to urgent requests for assistance and have worked with our company to changing environment.

Human Resources Manager | The Hospitals Contribution Fund (HCF)

I recommend the services of AccessEAP on account of their high levels of confidentiality, integrity and professionalism. We have received positive feedback from both employees and managers of HCF regarding the services provided by AccessEAP. While some staff are very willing to discuss their personal situations with their manager and/or Human Resources, the EAP provides another communication avenue for staff where they have access to professionally trained counsellors.

I strongly endorse AccessEAP services to other organisations.