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What to expect from your partnership with AccessEAP

Our business is inherently personal, and our customers keep telling us that our individual approach, responsiveness and our engaged and caring team make us stand out.

We aim to fully understand the needs of your business and your workplace environment, enabling us to tailor a program for your organisation. We don’t expect you to sort through every one of our services; we want to give you what you need not everything we offer.

Partner with AccessEAP

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Bringing Service to Life

Relationship Management

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager provides single point of contact for program implementation and support.
  • Scheduled calendar of regular contact and activity, tailored to needs
  • Proactive engagement based upon industry trends

Implementation Support

  • Structured engagement model and implementation framework
  • Technology platforms to support employee access to information – app, webinar, online resource portals
  • Continuous improvement via utilisation reports

AccessEAP provides effective communications

  • Mobile-enabled Website and EAP In Focus App
  • Wellbeing Calendar and Regular update and spotlight emails
  • Digital and printed resources
  • Monthly Newsletter and Intranet templates
  • AccessEAP Ambassador Program

Building awareness and reducing stigma

We aim to tackle issues regarding mental health with a direct and honest approach. Assessing the current position of the organisation allows us to tailor messaging around awareness stage. This can mean starting with general wellbeing messaging and building up to more challenging concepts around mental health, or it can mean maximising the good work already in place.

We’re leading the way forward

As business environments change, our organisation adapts and so do our services. Through a continuous process of review and improvement, we stay ahead of businesses challenges. AccessEAP take the time to understand your business and nurture your culture, we’re in it for the long term.

Customer satisfaction

Every six months we ask our customers to provide feedback on a range of service areas. The results confirm our commitment to high quality service delivery and dedicated Relationship Management. It also drives change and continuous improvement.

85% of respondents would recommend AccessEAP to colleagues and customers.

89% felt that their organisation had benefitted from using the services*

*AccessEAP Customer Satisfaction Survey Sept 2018


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