Profit for purpose

AccessEAP is a not-for-profit organisation, for us it actually means profit-for-purpose. Our purpose is to provide support for emotional, social and human related problems. Our commitment to providing generous and meaningful funding, for often intensive and life-changing welfare programs, is one of the reasons we strive to achieve absolute best practice in all we do.

The support we provide is two-fold. As advocates for mental health awareness and providers of workplace wellbeing programs, our services positively impact the lives of workers and workplace culture. The profits from this rewarding work are then distributed to help those most in need, particulary vulnerable children and families. In an indirect way, our customers can positively share in the knowledge that they are also helping to make a real difference to people’s lives.

This past financial year our contribution grew to over $1 million dollars. It is an amount we are proud of but the real satisfaction is in knowing that community programs such as H.O.P.E., Family Support & Recovery, CCareline, Centacare, Volunteers to Halt Loneliness, Domestic & Family Violence Accommodation Services, Asylum Seeker Support Program and Curran Access Children’s Foundation are now able to do much more to support children at risk in our community.

The HOPE ProgramThe HOPE Program
Curran Access Children's FoundationCurran Access Children's Foundation
Support for vulnerable familiesSupport for vulnerable families