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AccessEAP Advocates for Better Mental Health in Trade Industries

Published in Electrical Connection Online on 24th Oct, 2018

AccessEAP Director Eleni van Delft has already provided tailored toolbox talks to organisations in the manufacturing, mining and construction industries and is amazed by the immediate effect it has had on participants.

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How to have an authentic conversation on mental health

Published in Human Resources Director on 15th September, 2018

The majority of adults spend around one third of their waking hours at work. Consequently, companies can play a pivotal role in providing key health information, according to Marcela Slepica, clinical director at AccessEAP.

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Burnout in midwifery an occupational hazard

Published in HealthTimes Magazine on 20th July, 2018

Marcela Slepica, Clinical Services Director, AccessEAP, a leading employee assistance provider, says the unique challenges that affect the mental wellbeing of health professionals includes exposure to trauma, threats of aggression and violence, shiftwork, dealing with grief and loss, allegations and complaints, compassion fatigue and mental health stigma.

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Mental health removing the barriers to care

Published in miVision Magazine on 20th July, 2018

Marcela Slepica, Clinical Services Director, at AccessEAP says, “Healthcare organisations need to tackle these unique challenges their employees face, including patient care and mortality, workplace stress and worryingly, a stigma around asking for support with their mental wellbeing.”

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Five tips for HR to help staff combat stress

Published in HRD Magazine on 19th July, 2018

“While workplace stressors may be changing, its apparent from the data that the effects are relatively similar, with the same impacts on output,” according to Marcela Slepica, clinical services director at AccessEAP.

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Perfectionism and poverty: why musicians struggle with mental health

Published in The Guardian on 20th June, 2018

AccessEAP is very proud to be supporting this groundbreaking helpline for the music industry. The Support Act Wellbeing Helpline, is specifically tailored to the unique challenges faced by artists and music workers. It will be staffed by AccessEAP's network of professional counsellors who will offer expertise in all areas related to mental health (e.g. depression, anxiety, addiction, suicidal ideation) as well as issues which can be mental health related (such as loneliness, relationship breakdown, financial worries, illness and workplace conflict). Read more

Does your workplace have a 'macho' culture?

Published in HRD Magazine on 14th June, 2018

Male dominated workplaces can hold a ‘macho’ culture, where opening up is perceived as a sign of weakness or vulnerability, according to Marcela Slepica, Director of Clinical Services at AccessEAP.

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Creating a workplace for all ages

Published in Telegraph on 1st May, 2018

Organisations need to prepare for how best to manage a diverse workforce and promote an inclusive inter-generational culture, explains Sally Kirkright, CEO AccessEAP.

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Six strengths that drive engagement, productivity and growth

Published in Australian Women Online on 23rd March, 2018

Marcela Slepica, Clinical Services Director of AccessEAP, provides some insights on what strengths-based leadership looks like on day-to-day basis.

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How HR can combat workplace loneliness

Published in HR Magazine on 6th February, 2018

We live in the most technologically-connected age, yet the rates of loneliness continue to rise, according to Marcela Slepica, Director of Clinical Services at AccessEAP.

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Avoiding loneliness in the digital age

Published in Modern Australian 6th February, 2018

“We live in the most technologically connected age yet the rates of loneliness continue to rise,” explained Marcela Slepica, Director of Clinical Services at AccessEAP. “Chronic loneliness has a negative impact on both physical and mental health and this epidemic is hurting wellbeing and workplace performance.”

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Consequences in the workplace for sleep deprived Australians

Published in Australian Women Online 11th December, 2017

In Australia, sleep deprivation is highly prevalent with 40 per cent¹ of Australian adults experiencing some form of inadequate sleep.

“Having sufficient, regular, good quality sleep is essential to maintain a strong, robust immune system so we can function effectively in our busy lives,” explains Marcela Slepica, Director Clinical Services at AccessEAP.

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Do workplaces have a role preventing family violence?

Published in HRD Australia 6th November, 2017

One in six women in Australia has experienced violence at the hands of a current or former partner, and employers have the duty of care to have a plan on how to handle domestic violence situations involving their workers.

“Often, for these women, the workplace provides a sanctuary away from the abuser,” said Sally Kirkright, CEO of AccessEAP, a corporate psychology organisation.

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Why your workplace needs a mental health ambassador

Published in HRD Australia 3rd October, 2017

This year’s Mental Health Month focuses on employers’ role to have early intervention practices for their employees’ health and wellbeing.
“It is likely that at any given time, someone in your team will either be vulnerable to developing symptoms or will actually be experiencing them,” said Sally Kirkright, CEO or corporate psychology firm AccessEAP.

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Australian workers name conflict as major issue

AccessEAP has released data showing conflicts with managers and colleagues are two of the top 10 issues facing Australians workers.

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Published in Facility Management 15th June, 2017

Half of all Australian men will have a mental health problem at some point in their life and one in eight will experience depression, yet they are far less likely to open up about what is affecting them ...

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How to reduce stress in the workplace

OHS Professional eNews August 2014

Work related stress is the most common workplace issue in Australian workplaces, and OHS professionals should work to raise awareness about this issue and gain support from managers to address concerns, according to corporate psychology firm AccessEAP.


Consumers are being hit by post-holiday debt stress in the new year

Published on, February 2017

Holiday season has officially come to an end and normal life has returned, along with its every day challenges and stresses.


How to deal with difficult people in the workplace

Published on Business First Magazine, December 2016

Most of us would have come across a difficult person at some point in our lives and most likely it has happened in the workplace.


Christmas is not a merry time for all

Published on Workplace OHS, December 2016

Christmas is painted as a joyous, busy time for everyone, with gift giving, parties and holidays, however, for some people, the festive season is a time of emotional stress, sadness and difficulty.

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